hey! I'm in love with your blog btw:) I was wondering if you could make a masterpost of all your recaps, if that wouldn't be too much trouble. (Sorry if you already have one) Thanks!

Donuts are your friend


If go to the right hand side of my blog and click on the recap donut, it’ll take you to my recaps :)

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What PLL episode should I recap next???

Okay but

Karma dancing with a boy

Karma dancing with Amy

Faking it 2x04 recap!!


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…Is this a request?

Aren't you so worried about ebola?

we must protect my dogs at all costs

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I love this scene

I love this scene

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Faking it 2x03 recap!!image



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  • Liam: I'm sorry for ever being born
  • Fandom: It's not okay

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